Ariel Hortin

Ariel Hortin demonstrates the Martha Graham contraction.

Therapeutic Dance and Dance Movement Therapy

Dance as therapy and dance in therapy: Ariel Hortin explains the unique benefits of dance movement therapy as a tool for improving self-awareness, developing the mind-body connection, and giving voice to feelings and experiences that aren’t easily articulated.

Full Body Feelings: A Movement Activity to Support Emotional Intelligence In a Masked Classroom

The BYU ARTS Partnership promotes the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional benefits of the arts to impact student learning, well-being, and relationships in the classroom. We honor the work of certified/licensed arts therapists and do not promote that educators act as therapists. The following article was written by Ariel Hortin, a dance educator and mom of three from Vineyard, Utah. She is currently studying to become a Movement/Dance Therapist and Clinical Mental Health Counselor at Lesley University and is an adjunct professor in the BYU Dance Department. Ariel strives to be a catalyst for joy and facilitator for change through…