’Tis the Season to be Merry!

The true meaning of merry can be found,
but not by snoozing or lazing around.
This holiday time, make it your goal
to discover real merry,” which we shall extol:
To a wintery play, you simply must go,
and evoke emotional wealth untold.
Bring a lover, a friend, or even your mama,
to discover the magic unearthed through a drama.
But perhaps you play the piano, my dear,
Or enjoy vocal sonnets, sweet to the ear.
Either way you will say, “This is quite therapeutic,”
As you listen with ease to whimsical music.
When that music plays, oh your favorite song,
Get up, grab a partner and sway along.
Nothing will put some cheer in your prance,
like filling your days with movement and dance.
As you trim your tree, decorations so bright,
Paint, draw, or sculpt a festive delight!
When creating together, it warms all hearts,
To make something new with the visual arts.
Surely you’ll find these all joyful reasons,
to inspire your inner artist this season!
And then, dear friends, you may also carry,
this message to all—the secret of merry.”

Kara Leigh Grenfell, BYU Arts Partnership Student Coordinator

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