Non-tech Arts Activities at Home: Visual Arts

Visual arts include drawing, painting, sculpting, and three-dimensional object art. Using easy-to-find materials from around the house, these fun activities engage both sides of the brain, relieve stress, create unity, boost self-esteem, and encourage creative thinking. See if you can inspire your students or family members to think of their own activities!

1. Draw a map of your house. Include all the rooms. Add people in your family.

2. Write and illustrate four-step instructions for how to: wash your hands; become invisible; make a sandwich; teach a crocodile to dance; or, tame a virus.

3. Use chocolate pudding as finger paint. Tape your paper down first, so that it won’t wrinkle so much when it dries. Then, try ketchup on another piece of paper. On another piece of paper, try mustard. Compare the different textures of the dried “paints”. Can you think of something else that might be good for finger paint?

4. Write and illustrate a love letter, poem, or song to your favorite place.

5. Find an empty toilet paper roll. Create a character using markers, yarn, tape, glue, paper, magazines, glitter, etc. Find a habitat outside somewhere, place your character in it, and take a photo. Next, draw your toilet roll character on a piece of paper.

6. Create a paper bag puppet. Put on a puppet show.

7. Find a rock and wash it off. Paint it. Write a positive message on your rock if you want to. Then go for a walk and leave it somewhere for someone to find. This is called, “A Random Act of Art.” You are sharing art. You could make other random acts of art on paper, and tie them on a tree  or a fence for someone special to find.

8. Make a dancer out of aluminum foil. You can put some wire in it first if you have some. Then hold your dancer up on the edge of a piece of paper, shine a light on it, and trace its shadow. Finish drawing the other details of the foil dancer on the paper.

9. Use a squeeze bottle full of water, or a spray bottle with a stream setting, and “paint” with water on the sidewalk.

10. Play “Exquisite Corpse” with your family. Divide a piece of paper into three sections. Draw a head on the first section, then fold/cover it and give it to someone else. They will draw the body and arms. Cover it again, and pass it to someone for the legs. Unfold the paper and see what you have. Refine your creature. Give it a name. Research “exquisite corpse”, and see how surrealists use it to create fantasy drawings.

Written by Cindy Clark, visual artist, educator, and member of the BYU ARTS Partnership Leadership Team. Find more resources at 

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