2013-14 Year in Review: Arts Leadership Academy

Brigham Young University’s Arts Leadership Academy convenes for 10 days each school year to help elementary school teachers build basic skills in dance, drama, media arts, music, and visual arts. 

Participants gain the ability to bring the arts into their classrooms and provide students with arts experiences as well as deepen learning through arts integration, thus integrating the arts into all curriculum content areas. 
Enjoy these pictures of our 2013–2014 class, presenters, and performers!
Scott Flox helps teachers with their still life backgrounds.
Cindy Clark shares thoughts and evaluations
of works of art at the Kimball Art Center in Park City.
Finished line drawings
Participants have fun together as they act out scenes with emotion!
Teachers peer-discuss ideas found in their textbook,
Creating Meaning Through Literature and the Arts, by Claudia E. Cornett.
Academy participants walk around the BYU Harris Fine Arts Center Gallery featuring the art of
Ying Wang, a BYU visiting professor and Arts Leadership Academy participant.
Observing and appreciating Ying Wang’s
mono printmaking, inspired by the dress and customs of Chinese women.
“These dresses and adornments from a past era carry the unique oriental beauty of Chinese women. Not only is their elegant beauty praised even today, but also their talent, temperament, bravery, virtue, and their spirit of selfless sacrifice.”
-Ying Wang, Chinese Printmaking Artist
Fun with drums: teachers participate in music making.
Activity in visual literacy: looking through works of art on postcards to compare and contrast images and discuss implied or explicit meaning.

Marilyn Berrett, chair of BYU Dance Department and founder of Kinnect,
shares strategies for teachers to engage students in dance.

Teachers gather around a visual image to discuss and critique.
Feeling “the love” and laughter in Arts Academy, teachers have fun in a drama game
Boom ba boom pop pop ba boom. Participants drum to the beats in a 30-person band.
David Dynak from Westminster College inspires teachers with process drama.
Sample of student art work shared by an Arts Leadership Academy teacher.
BYU’s Kinnect dance company members demonstrate an airplane takeoff during a spectacular performance in Park City. Kinnect provides residencies in schools with dance performances and workshops that integrate content across the curriculum.
Mike shows off his fabulous drawing skills.
Now he can teach what he practiced to his class!
Beautiful pastel portrait by Jayme
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  • Great question! Arts Leadership Academy participants are selected from schools chosen by the districts in the BYU Public School Partnership. We are considering creating a summer cohort for schools in other districts Would you be interested in participating in a 10 day program in the summer? There are also individual workshops that we can send to your area. Contact artspartership@byu.edu for more information. I hope you will bring a team of teachers from your school and join us at Arts Express June 9-10.

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