Arts Bridge 2014-15 Kickoff

An additional 700 students are now receiving instruction in the arts!

Arts Bridge is a program that aims to provide more arts instruction to children in schools by pairing grade-school teachers with BYU students involved in the arts. These teachers and the BYU students work together to teach arts-integrated lessons to children in the classroom. BYU students in dance, drama, music, or visual arts, called Arts Scholars, visit classrooms weekly over the semester. Last year’s Arts Leadership Academy graduates are invited to participate in this year’s Arts Bridge experience.  BYU faculty members mentor and supervise the Arts Scholars to ensure quality experiences for the grade-school students.

The BYU ARTS Partnership kicked off this year’s Arts Bridge Program on October 9 when 24 teachers, 20 Art Scholars, and 12 BYU mentors met to discuss the desired learning outcomes for the students and plan arts integrated lessons.

At this training meeting, all parties were invited to meet together to receive instruction and collaborate on lesson plans that address the Utah Core Standards in a particular subject selected by the teacher, as well as integrate the Arts Core Standards, to produce creative inspiring lessons.

Arts Scholars will create and post on a blog to document their lessons and experiences. Blogs from past years and new blogs from this year can be found on our website.

What our participants are saying:
“Art has always been a passion of mine; I love to work with a variety of art forms myself, but in addition to my own art exploration, teaching art has always been a driving force for me. I love children and the awesome ideas that Arts Bridge encompasses, allowing art to become a vital part of education.”
-Sunny Leavitt, first grade visual arts scholar at Mt. Loafer Elementary
“Arts Bridge is an important and meaningful experience for our studentsspecifically our dance education students. It provides a unique opportunity for future dance specialists to engage in authentic collaboration with an established elementary classroom teacher. This program replicates the experience students will have as elementary dance specialists. This hands-on, real-world exposure to education is invaluable.”

-Kori Wakamatsu, BYU dance mentor

“I enjoy participating in the Arts Bridge program. The Arts Bridge program is important to me because I think children spend too much time sitting in their desks working on worksheets or packets. Someone once said to me, ‘You don’t grow dendrites working on packets.’ I believe this to be true. With the increased pressure of testing and scores, it is more important than ever to integrate the arts in our teaching.”
-Lori Ackley, first grade teacher at Foothills Elementary School
To learn more about Arts Bridge or other programs and conferences available through the BYU ARTS Partnership, please visit our website:

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