Arts Express: What You Did and What You Said!

Pictures & quotes from the 2014 Summer Conference 
Thank you for your feedback! Here are just some of the things you said. In addition, we captured art making, music making, dancing, and drama as you increased your ability to integrate the arts into education. We loved what we saw and wanted to share!

“Arts should be a daily experience!”

–North Elementary, Iron District
[Teachers participate in Diane Asay’s “Making Art for the Fun of It!” class]

“The presenters are always amazing!”

–Jordan School District

[Dancing around the gym with Linda Gold as Paul Nance helps integrate science concepts]
“I loved the strategies using the arts that will
reinforce the concepts students are learning.”
–Discovery Elementary, Uintah School District
“I love the hands-on classes! Make and take
format gave me an example so I could implement.”

– ARTS Express Participant
[Paul Nance instructing on forces in our environment]
“I loved every session I attended. All the
presenters were great. All topics discussed were
very relevant to me and things I wanted to get
more ideas for ways to teach.” 
–Pahvant Elementary, Sevier School District

“No matter how many years we teach there is
always something new to  learn and use in your
teaching. Awesome lessons!” 

– Eastlake Elementary, Jordan School District
[Teachers try their hands at lessons they will later be able to use in their classroom]
“It is vital to send teachers to this conference.”
– Silver Crest Elementary, Jordan School District
[Riverton High School art teacher Robyn Harris demonstrates her portraiture skills to groups of passing participants. Many stopped to look at the resident artists and listen to wonderful musicians]
“This is the most inspirational program. Every teacher should go next year!”
–Navigator Pointe Academy
[Keynote Speaker Michael Bahr taught a drama class on “Harnessing the Natural Power of Play” through an integrated curriculum which had all the teachers on their feet having fun]
“It is worth it. New, fun ideas and concepts 
that are simple but have potential for 
lots of fun and big impact on learning the 
curriculum in the classroom.”
–Jordan School District
[Music master Sylvia Munsen leads the participants in rhythm exercise] 

“New ideas of introducing creativity back in the classroom.”

 –Canyon Crest Elementary, Provo City School District
“All teachers should go!”
–ARTS Express Participant
[Displaying self portrait from a class that combined drama and art. The teachers acted out facets of their personality and then drew with that emotion. This teacher felt shy and introverted]
“This helped me to realize the importance of 
‘STEAM’ in education. Children need to move.” 
–Rosecrest Elementary, Granite School District

“Every presenter got us up and moving. They were passionate about 
what they were teaching as well as very knowledgeable.”

–Salem Elementary, Nebo School District
[The CityJazz band came to entertain us after our first day’s classes]
“Thank you for letting me go to this. It always helps my self-esteem and therefore makes a better teacher of me. I am an arts advocate!” 
– South Jordan Elementary, Jordan School District
[Teaching music with a twist: Crystal Melander and Courtney Johnson combined their knowledge to prepare this fun “Mathematics in Motion” lesson]
“Thank you for providing me with this opportunity 
to sharpen my own saw and rejuvenate my teaching.”
– Terra Linda Elementary, Jordan School District
[Energetic teachers beat out the numbers of equations on yoga balls to integrate the sensory stimulus of music with their mastery of math]
“Every teacher from our school that has attended
has been given many ideas and tools to improve
teaching. Each has been truly enriched. I want my
principal to attend next year.”

–Nebo School District
[Cally Flox, director of the ARTS Partnership, introduces the Informance Show. This reviewed the last day of classes and gave participants a chance to show one another what they had learned] 
“The arts move and expand all the 
minds big or small.”
–Backman Elementary, Salt Lake School District
[Ukranian decorated eggs by Ingrid Hersman. She shared her skills as she taught many teachers this art form]
“Every teacher NEEDS this experience.”
–Eastlake Elementary, Jordan School District

[Teachers dance at the Informance, integrating science principles of water movement]
“Arts Express is a great tool to teach teachers how to integrate the arts in their classroom.”
– Eaglecrest Elementary, Alpine School District
[Informance musical performance with handmade trumpets]

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