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The first step in getting more arts experiences to children in public schools is getting more teachers to engage in the arts themselves.

Many teachers have an arts skill that they enjoy, or at least have a great memory about arts participation at some point in their life.

However, teachers work hard, and it is easy to forget to take time for the things that relax and rejuvenate them.

That is why, at Arts Leadership Academy, we have a philosophy of “relax, remember, and renew through the arts,” and our first learning outcome for the teachers is to increase personal skills in the arts. Sometimes teachers have had a negative experience with an art form and need to be reacquainted with the art form in a new way. Opportunities are provided in each of five art forms. Below is their invitation to engage personally in the arts.

Develop new skills; actively participate; articulate your thinking; practice decision-making; exercise judgment; experience beauty, anguish and irony; do what you love; know who you are; let your voice be heard and your gifts be seen.

What can the arts do for you?


Engages the body, the primary instrument for living. Draws people to the community. Introduces you to yourself.


Propels the dance. Provides the beat and the rhythm for life to open and release your personal voice.


Brings form to the dance through narrative to interpret and expand your experience. Elicits empathy. Invites you to craft your own story.

Visual Art

Crystalizes the moment for quiet reflection. Encourages you to create from your own perspective.

Media Arts

Captures the experience, so you can distill the message, edit the content and share your thoughts.

What arts skills would you like to learn or refresh?

Begin today…

Cally Flox ©2014 Artful Living: Building Personal Skills in the Arts

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