Robot Rumpus with Elicia Gray

Get Ready for the Robot Rumpus!

Elicia Gray’s Students at
Lakeview Elementary in
Provo City School District
Create Robots!
Elicia is happy to be able to talk about her diverse group of students at Lakeview Elementary School. Each week she has the unique opportunity to interact closely with more than 800 students, each with different skills and attributes. At the school she has students from all over the globe, many of them speaking English as a second language. In addition, a great number of students come from economically deprived families and do not normally have access to a diverse array of art supplies.
Elicia says, “As an art specialist, it is my pleasure to help students cultivate imaginative skills that can be applied to every other aspect of their lives. It is a pleasure to spend time with them and watch as their creative minds devour information and generate new ideas. I love being a part of a classroom where students are given opportunities to explore and discover new things.”
The Robot Project
For this project, the students were invited to design and create robots that would be useful in society today. Students were asked to identify problems that they encountered on a daily basis as well as problems in the larger world around them. After pinpointing these difficulties, students created possible solutions to those problems and designed robots that were forged to meet specific needs. Students were  invited to think creatively as they explored different possibilities and focused on resolving some of society’s greatest grievances, both simple and complex.
Henri Kaiser stated,
“Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.” During this project, students are encouraged to view problems as opportunities for growth and learning.
When a student encounters a difficult obstacle, it is important for them to understand that the process of tackling that issue can take considerable time and effort. This project will help them to understand this concept in a number of ways. They will each choose a real problem to address, and then they will explore a variety of new media and techniques as they design and create a robot to meet a certain need.
During this creative process, students were introduced to a variety of new media. They learned some simple printmaking techniques that would integrate contemporary ideas into their robots. They used rubbing plates, Crayons, and watercolors to blend colors and understand color theory. They learned the difference between actual and implied texture as they created three-dimensional additions to their robots. They experimented in paper marbling, collage, and other mixed media techniques. Students learned to identify and solve problems as they formulated and implemented their ideas. This process of brainstorming, exploration, and creation is truly remarkable, and it is exciting to watch it happen!
Thanks to all of the donations on for making this project happen!

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